7th Int. Neckar-Open

17th – 21st April 2003

Deizisau (Region Stuttgart – Germany)

Total fund: 11.000 EUR


Public Hall / Gemeindehalle Deizisau

Gymnasium / Hermann-Ertinger-Sporthalle


Time Schedule

Fr. 11th April 2003        Deadline for Pre-Announcement

Venue opening                                              15:00

Deadline of Announcement                          17:00

Th. 17th April 2003       1st rd.                      18:30

Fr. 18th April 2003        2nd rd.                       9:00

Fr. 18th April 2003        3rd rd.                     15:00

Sa. 19th April 2003      4th rd.                        9:00

Sa. 19th April 2003      5th rd.                      15:00

Su. 20th April 2003       6th rd.                        9:00

Su. 20th April 2003       7th rd.                      15:00

Mo. 21st April 2003      8th rd.                        9:00

Mo. 21st April 2003      9th rd.                      14:30

Winners ceremony: After the last round (about 20:00)


Deadline for announcement

Deadline for announcement is 17th April 2003, 15:00-17:00 at our venue (starting charge +5 EUR). Please note Name, Birthdate, ELO/National rating, Nation, Tournament on your announcement. Every player, even pre-announced player, has to fill out our starting formular!


System of Tournament

Three independent tournaments (A-C -Open), 9 rounds CH-system,

2h for 40 moves + 0,5h for the rest of the game

The tournaments will be DWZ rated.

The A-Open will be ELO rated and it is possible to play an IM-norm.

The first prizes are guaranteed. The other prizes will be guaranteed after A-Open 180, B-Open 100, C-Open 40 paying starters. The spezial prizes will be paid out if there are 5 starters in this spezial category.

If two players have the same amount of points, the prizes will be divided via the Hort-System. Special prizes will not be divided.



Please send an cheque until the 11th April 2003 with the starting charge to: Sven Noppes, Uhlandstr. 39, 73779 Deizisau, Germany

Please note Name, Birthdate, ELO/National rating, Nation, Tournament (A-C) on your announcement.



Please book your rooms early! Please contact:

Sven Noppes (address s. below)

There will be a shuttle service for our participants to and from your hotel.

Single room: 38 EUR per night including breakfast

Double room: 54 EUR per night including breakfast



Axel Eisengräber-Pabst, Regional referee

Andreas Warsitz, National referee

Sven Noppes, National referee


Further Informations

Sven Noppes, Uhlandstraße 39, GER - 73779 Deizisau

Tel. +49 (0) 7153 / 82 64 57 Fax +49 (0) 7153 / 7 68 92

Cell phone: +49 (0) 172 / 7 25 87 38

E-Mail: Neckar-Open@SchachfreundeDeizisau.de

Internet: www.SchachfreundeDeizisau.de



(only NWZ/ELO > 1800)

Fund: 8.100 EUR



2.000 EUR, 1.300 EUR, 1.000 EUR, 600 EUR, 400 EUR, 300 EUR, 250 EUR, 200 EUR, 150 EUR, 100 EUR, 90 EUR, 80 EUR, 70 EUR, 60 EUR, 50 EUR


Team prizes (4 players): 150 EUR, 100 EUR, 50 EUR

Best juvenile (age group 1983 and younger): 250 EUR

Best senior (age group 1943 and older): 150 EUR

Best female: 300 EUR

Best ELO/DWZ < 2350: 200 EUR

Best ELO/DWZ < 2200: 150 EUR

Best ELO/DWZ < 2050: 100 EUR



The following players will start:


GM Landa (ELO 2649/RUS)

Title holder GM Epishin (2626/RUS)

Junior World Champion GM Aronian (2610/ARM)

GM Milov (2592/SUI)

Worldchampionship semifinalist GM Nisipeanu (2592/ROM)

Junior World Champion (U14) 1999 GM Efimenko (2590/UKR)

GM Burmakin (2575/RUS)

IM Gustafsson (2566/GER)

GM Ikonnikov (2542/RUS)

Buhmann (2525/GER)

GM Kulaots (2513/EST)

GM Sax (2511/HUN)

GM Keitlinghaus (2500/GER)

IM Galdunts (2487/ARM)

GM Farago (2483/HUN)

IM Schenk (2478/GER)

IM Kunin (2476/GER)

GM Polak (2475/CZE)

IM Stern (2468/GER)

IM Donchenko (2463/GER)

IM Shengelia (2457/GEO)

IM Balogh (2448/HUN)

GM Balinov (2444/AUT)

GM Ivanov (2442/RUS)

GM Thorhallsson (2441/ISL)

IM Kasparov (2435/BLR)

WGM Radziewicz (2433/POL)

IM Zeller (2427/GER)

IM Baramidze (2426/GER)

IM Schlindwein (2426/GER)

IM Seger (2416/GER)

IM Renner (2414/GER)

WIM Sebag (2403/FRA)

IM Welling (2400/NED)

IM Müller (2395/GER)

Schlecht (2392/GER)

IM Haub (2383/GER)

FM Reuss (2383/GER)

IM Solonar (2380/GER)

FM Papa (2356/SUI)

IM Troyke (2351/GER)

IM Gasthofer (2350/GER)

WIM Moser (2341/AUT)

WGM Kiseleva (2294/UKR)

Bindrich (2218/GER)


(only NWZ/ELO < 2000)

Fund: 2.400 EUR



1.000 EUR, 500 EUR, 250 EUR, 100 EUR, 3 x 50 EUR


Best team (4 players): 100 EUR

Best juvenile (age group 1983 and younger): 100 EUR

Best senior (age group 1943 and older): 100 EUR

Best female: 100 EUR



(only NWZ/ELO < 1400)

Fund: 500 EUR



250 EUR, 150 EUR, 100 EUR


Starting Charge  
Pre- announcement (until 11th April 2003)






55 EUR

40 EUR

20 EUR

Juvenile (Age group 83 a.y.)

35 EUR

20 EUR

10 EUR

Juvenile (Age group 89 a.y.)

15 EUR

10 EUR


Announcement (after 11th April 2003)






60 EUR

45 EUR

25 EUR

Juvenile (Age group 83 a.y.)

40 EUR

25 EUR

15 EUR

Juvenile (Age group 89 a.y.)

20 EUR

15 EUR

10 EUR